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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

have you learned...

  • that love could tear two people apart? 
  • that when they are both extreme and exacting creatures, that when they love, it is so complete that they tolerate no defects?
  • that if you ask them to die for each other, they would drag a sword across their throats without hesitation. But ask them to blunt their edges, to endure arguments and daily imperfections, and they would despise each other to no end?
  • that this disillusionment led them to believe that it had killed their love for good?
  • that even believing the love was dead, the fact that they still seek each other when they had the means to separate for good, should tell them something?
suppose that after everything had been stripped bare, another kind of love matured between them? frail at first, deformed by confusion and disappointment, but it was there, and it grew stronger with time. 

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