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Monday, 14 January 2013


(this memory was triggered from conversation over dinner at home yesterday. chong just came back from japan and was telling my baby sis, q, david & myself about his experiences).

i had heard of a style of puppet theater in japan called bunraku, where the puppeteers stand right onstage, moving these elegant dolls around without the slightest pretense of invisibility. the puppeteers were purported to be so skillful that you actually forget they're on stage, even though there are often three of them to each puppet.

today, i kept expecting to see two teams of bunraku masters standing behind me, pulling levers in my head, sculpting every move i made. i could feel them. and without letting it anywhere near my conscious mind, i knew that i was in the process of a head-on emotional collision. this is insane.
david: baby, i don't understand how you look just fine and dandy. (based on the fact that i was totally sleep deprived, at work since 8:30am, a quick trip to kinokuniya, a drink at dome with mimi and finally, a meal with him). 
aamyra: babe, are you ok to drive? you look dead. (by 11pm, I was disoriented and disheveled. brought david's phone & wallet back home with me, as it's within the nature of the male to chuck things in a female's bag).
uncle z: uncle tak faham mana ayue dapat energy. kerja dari lepas subuh, balik kerja buat kebayana. Tak kebayana, ni lah, tu lah. bawak imin jalan-jalan lagi." (at 1am, calling me to make sure everything is ok at home).
baby sis: you tak kerja ke esok. it's almost 3am and you haven't slept yet. 
incongruent, yet relative. to drown yourself in movement. why do we become detrimental? 

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