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Sunday, 3 February 2013

shogun: a novel of japan by james clavell

chong came over with three boxes full of books for me! (thank you! thank you! thank you!) out of all the other crime-mystery-thrillers-star trek options (not a single romance book, bless you), i picked this one. 

it was such a struggle to read - heavily peppered with japanese words and phrases; and history - it contained war, trade disputes, cultural clashes, passion, death; i've just finished it some minutes ago.

it was such a beautiful read. i shed some tears.  what i liked best about it was his insight into human behavior and cultural differences - through his main character, an english pilot (john blackthorne), which, let's be truthful here, has always been a pulling interest with me (him being english, and a pilot lol). 

blackled it and found that although it isn't considered great literature by most critics, shogun made its author, james du maresq clavell, one of the most widely read twentieth-century novelists and it was also aired during prime time nbc as a miniseries and later, into a 2.5 hour-long film, starring richard chamberlain (whom I found terribly handsome in an old-fashioned kind of way ever since i watched him in the musketeers and also allan quatermain and the lost city of gold).

if you like (please like), you can read the wiki of it here or get the book here, or even watch the movie trailer here.

it took me two full days to give this book a proper reading. no regrets.

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