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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

things you learn from reading fairytales

women are trouble 

if it isn't an evil wife, 

it's an evil stepmother. 
or mother-in-law. 
mothers are usually alright, 
unless they're witches - 
watch out for witches
and their daughters. 

you might be alright with 

kings, princes & fathers. 
unless, as is usually the case, 
they're under the influence 
of someone else, usually a woman

men are weak

sometimes they rescue you,
but they always have help - 
from ants or birds or women. 
sometimes you rescue them
this is kind of sweet. 

you can trust animals

sometimes they turn into people, 
but don't hold that against them. 

children had better watch out. 

caution, my child... and, 

the 'rescue' of women by handsome, effeminate men is a staple of old folktales.
'rescue' engineered to reconcile the young woman's inclination toward feckless independence. 

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