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Thursday, 7 March 2013


i was browsing and found this book by an underwater photographer --
swimmers wearing little or nothing in pools, lakes, tanks. 

the pictures fleshed out ideas of happiness. eyes shut with rupture at the body being suspended, as if the people in the photos were dropped to safety from a height. 

in the book was a photo of annette kellerman. 
she was called the 'million-dollar mermaid' because she'd performed ballet in tanks filled w tables,lamps. 

looking at it, i felt like she was saying --

'this is home, and i am a breathless dream inside it.' 

mungkin i merapik. maybe it's all in my head.

anyway -- she was selected in 1908 by a harvard professor as 'the perfect woman' because her contours were a virtual match for venus de milo's

she was born with a defect (can't remember what exactly) in her legs that required braces until she found that moving through water cured her. it was her performances in a tank at the new york (can i go to new york?) hippodrome that gave birth to synchronized swimming. 

if i ever get a big enough fish bowl or tank (without any fish in it), i'll put items in the water (like it's a home), in homage to annette. 

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