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Monday, 4 March 2013

castaway crayon

"on an island?"

"you back in your sepia world?" 

"you need some brighter crayon colours scribbled across your life."  
i lost them. 

"take the filters off your eyes and look for them."
i have. 

"go to the butterfly park."
been there.

"go buy a piglet for pink, a lemon for yellow, a barbie for pink, and a lettuce"
for green, of course?
"or for the white rabbit"
(trust him to know i love alice)

 "then follow it down its hole"
i don't have 'eat me' or 'drink me'.

"diet and binge?"
i've gotten larger.

"not visibly so. as an alice, you're already diminutive enough to chase the white bunny."

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