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Sunday, 3 March 2013

flamenco firm

'flower, female beauty, and love appear in a painting as an inseparable whole. indeed, red roses are the symbol of passion and sensual love, and they are the symbol of the center of the universe, as well as the cosmic wheel. the planets revolve around one center – the sun, the center of a rose. just as all mankind turns around sensual love!"

"are you dancing?" 
"what kind?"
the corporate 'accounting/auditing' firm kind.
"too serious and too grey for  you. you should be at a flamenco firm.
is there such a thing...
"not yesterday - but maybe tomorrow."
i will sleep, dream, wake up to it, then.
"if you stop dreaming we'll all vanish."
i wish it was a different lifetime. 
"you haven't invented your time machine yet."

"butterflies in your soul."

"make it lighter."
my soul?
"yes - make it float out your ears."

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