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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


you're probably right about the first, but you're definitely wrong about the second, my darling.
'do you know how much i love to hear you say that?'
what? that you're right? or that you're wrong? :) 
'my darling..'

'at this moment i think i'd be extremely angry if i thought you used it with anyone but me.'

'have you? do you?'
you're asking me if i just like to flirt around, aren't you?
'that's pretty rough. no, of course not.'

since we're talking and i've been doing a lot of thinking, let's tackle this. i've had attachments, as you've had, and i've called several "darling", even "dearest", i suppose, but if you want to know the truth, you insufferable egotist, you are "my darling". does that answer your question, you rat.
'it'll do.'

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