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Saturday, 13 April 2013


have you ever read 'donkeyskin' by charles perrault

i read it many times as a kid, and what i loved most were the dresses in the story. it's an unsettling, provocative story (the king wanting to marry his own daughter). but within the story was a universe revealed in fabric and color. what would it look like, a dress the color of the moon? 9:44pm   

the pull to reread the story had to do with the breathlessness i felt, imagining a dress the color of the sky. which sky? blue sky day? or cloudy day? a cumulus cloud boa or a nimbus collar - this, thanks to my brief, happy experience with one who studied the clouds to fly in and around it - ? 9.50pm

sometimes when i watch documentaries of deep-sea fish, i always notice the unusual shapes and colors (which i've noted often do seem to resurface in fashion) - ruffles that look like a kind of coral, or a coat that seems to be taken straight from the black sweep of a manta ray 9:53pm  

great fun to spend time thinking about how those colors happened because it had to be difficult. no way that dress was just an ordinary blue 9:54pm

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