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Friday, 12 April 2013

maybe it's the way you eat bamboo

'are you dating justin bieber's younger brother?'
is it jealousy that makes you give that snarky question?

'if you were an animal i think you'd be a red panda. '
'hard to define - maybe it's the way you eat bamboo.'
can I be a girl and ask if you're implying i'm fat? no, wait. i won't be a girl. i would like to be a panda but they're quite boring aren't they -- all they do is eat and sleep.
'that is the giant panda - they are a bit podgy and a bit sedentary - but the red panda is svelte and scampers.'

'panda, howzit?' 
being a red panda is tiring. how are you settling?
'strange new job! you are more fox than panda!'
'a cool chick and a red hot fox, such is your infinite variety.'

how are you? 
'i have met a million new people.'
that sounds tiring.

'more glam than hoovering? '
nobody hoovers anymore.
'you need more hoovering in your life.'

and my iphone5 is awesome.
'you'd want a gold-plated one :-)'
eco-friendly available? i'm allergic to fake-plated things,
'diamond encrusted? or will you just save that for the shoes?'
a man after my own heart :-)

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