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Friday, 30 December 2016

a message at dusk from her to me

i wasn't planning on saying anything 
but maybe it's maghrib setan or maybe it's love - 
you know the value of your own company 
so i don't know why you're spending it 
on people who only deplete you.

make new mistakes or none. but don't relearn old ones. 

that's what popped up in my head after hearing the name s
what prompted me to tell you is the memory of 
what i had to see done to you after 
that s thought to think only of himself. 
i know you haven't forgotten. 
involuntarily replaying it pisses me off. 

i don't know why people want so much of you 
for themselves. 
time and again. 

that's never how it should be and i know the one 
who deserves you will never think that at all. 

and you already know, people cannot be changed. 

forgive me for my lecture. 

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