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Friday, 31 March 2017

defense mechanisms

we would never suit. you're disenchanted with life., but i'm not. i love life, even when bad things happen to me, i can't stop loving it. every day comes with a promise that something wonderful is going to happen to me. when it's cold, the promise comes with the smell of rain in the air. i hear it in the boom of thunder and the lightning that streaks across the sky in blue flashes. most of all, i feel it after the rain, when everything is green and black, like tree trunks when they're wet. 

you think that i'm foolish. 

and this is why we won't suit. you'll make me as unhappy as you are -- and if you're unhappy, i'll undoubtedly retaliate by making you unhappy, and in a few years, we'll both be as sour as lemons. 

so it's best if we don't go down this road? 

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